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We moved! Mar 11, 2015 22:56:33 GMT
by Gokan Bushino
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The Wonderous New World


The northwest continent of Eden. Contains Generica.

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Act 1: Engage the Rage Jan 24, 2015 8:45:26 GMT
by Toraito The Kharn
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The north-central continent of Eden. Known for constant strife over territory by political and religious factions. Other than a select few nations, the majority of the population is effectively stuck in a third-world state, which likely compounds the political and religious strife.

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Albandia Karr Malaika Dalmasca Wastelands

Behind Closed Doors Oct 14, 2014 22:16:30 GMT
by Kaius
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The northeastern continent.

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Pellonia Isysia Raverita Mangels

Act I: The Barbarian Assault Jan 23, 2015 19:41:05 GMT
by vincent
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The southwest continent on Eden.

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Konsorhaven Zelio

Join the Ranks Dec 4, 2014 7:26:43 GMT
by Kaius
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The southeastern continent. The Guardians Lookout is located on an island to the North.

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Guardians Lookout Ithroia New Civea

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The Juin Lands

The continental nation of Juin. If you're a Juin, it's quite likely that you live within the confines of the continent. Unless it's official government business, no one leaves Juin. Unless it's official government business, no one comes to Juin. Any unauthorized access into Juin land or official Juin waters is met with overwhelming hostile force.

Governments around the world have forbidden its citizens from going anywhere near Juin.

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Uncertain Beginnings Nov 14, 2014 12:08:10 GMT
by Zechariah Artuna
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The North and South Pole

Cold and barren lands await.

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The Mysterious Offworld Expanse


The Final Frontier. Covers the immediate area surrounding Eden, including it's moon, other planets in the solar system, and even the deepest parts of the universe.

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The Otherworld

This is where you go when you die, either to Heaven, hell, or somewhere in between. Who says the fun has to stop with death?

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Heaven Hell

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Off-Topic Archives

Any post that pertains to the rules, OOC board, and all of that good stuff goes here if no one decides to trash it.

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Request #1 Dec 24, 2014 6:06:59 GMT
by zpinak
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In-World Archives

Any character threads, story lines, and all of that stuff gets tossed in here. Incomplete apps and apps of inactive or unwanted characters go here as well.

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The Multiverse

There are theories that our universe is not the only one in creation; that for every action you take, there exists another reality where you did the opposite. What if that were true? What if that were where these stories were told?

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Toraito the Kharn Dec 10, 2014 20:34:14 GMT
by Veil
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